who are you?



What do you think of yourself? Do you think of yourself like how God thinks of you? Or do you think of yourself as how FRIENDS and FAMILY members think of you? —that’s the realest questions you’ll ever have to ask yourself.

As I grow older I tend to ask myself a lot of questions, mostly because life is beginning to get super real (the older you get people). I noticed that in order to be fully vulnerable with anyone else, you first have to be vulnerable with yourself (and God). To be honest, life can be ‘hella scary’ and that’s the truth! It’s like you do not want to make the wrong decision and be a disappointment ever, but reality sets in and you realize that it’s inevitable to not make a few mistakes along the way. BUT Is it really okay? Be real, sometimes I feel like it’s not okay…and that’s also OKAY! Let me explain. See I know people in my inner circle support me with everything in them, but I question myself sometimes when I think of if I ever “failed”. I know failure is an option, but for how long?  

Will I accomplish my goals?
Will I be the person I envisioned myself being?
Will I be able to provide/support myself fully?
Will I have no regrets in the future?
So many questions, so little time. Time is flying by. BLINK…it’s MAY y’all! 

When I begin to freak out, I get back to the original question which is “Who am I?” You have to know who you are, regardless of whether you are where you want to be or not (life lesson, take notes). I have learned that fear is something that can make you or break you. I have and still experience how procrastination can consume you and make you feel like it’s OKAY to relax. A big fat lie. Back in April, I wrote those questions (from the beginning of my post) on my chalkboard in my room and literally every time I felt down and out I looked up and it gave me strength! The power of having things around you to get you back in the game when you need it the most. I recommend you giving it a try!

Whenever you are faced with the question: “Who are you?” Your answer should always be “A child of the King”. All my life my mother have been reassuring my siblings and I of this important fact and I honestly get it now fully. Your worth is priceless. No one should ever feel like they could speak to you any way they want or treat you nothing less than a king or queen. So many times I have witnessed arguments/fights on the street where people allow men/woman to embarrass, degrade and put them down in public! That’s the lowest of the lows. No one should ever have that much authority over your life to be able to do that to you. KNOW WHO YOU ARE. KNOW YOUR WORTH.

People who know their worth do not have to prove themselves.
People who know who they are do not have to show off and show out.
People who know what a blessing feels like show it in their actions.

Remember who you are at all times. Write it down, memorize it, eat/breathe/and sleep knowing it! You are you and that is your superpower.

I hope this short post gives someone some type of comfort, inspiration, and motivation to keep going and to be proud of who you are. I was feeling like I was not giving content since mid-April, but as soon as I sat down to write a post (not knowing what to write) this topic came to mind. Honestly, I’m glad it did because I wrote it for myself as well. I do wish you all the best in this new month. HAPPY MAY 2018!

Thanks for stopping by! xoxo MJ.


  • These are wonderful things to ask.
    I believe that once you are comfortable with yourself you can live to the fullest, with or without god.
    For me, it’s without – but whatever floats your boat, as they say 🙂

  • Really good post. Loved this. I’ve actually been asking myself lately “who am I?” Really getting down to my authentic self ya know?

  • A motivational and inspirational post to read. The idea of are you truly being as authentic as you possibly can be or not. It’s interesting. I think it’s so easy to lose yourself so it’s important to always keep in mind who you are.

  • I love a good motivational post! It’s important to remember to be yourself and only worry about judgement from those who truly matter. I’m not religious, so in my case, this would literally be my immediate family–and even then, if I’m being authentic to myself, what they say doesn’t have that much of an impact!

  • This is definitely something I think of a lot! I always wonder how I look to myself and whether others see it the same way. But your approach to this is so comforting! And time thinking about it is time you could be working on improving and changing. This was a great read x


  • A really inspiration post MJ! Absolutely loved it. I can totally relate to life getting LOADS MORE REAL the older I get. It’s kinda scary and it’s really hard to keep up with.

  • You are such an inspiration MJ! 💖 Your posts are always so real and heartfelt. I agree, life gets more real as you get older. It’s scary at times. You words are so reassuring so thank you for sharing 😘 xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com

  • What an incredible post! So well written too! I definitely need to think about this question a lot more. It’s such an important thing to consider, especially as I get older and more independent. Thank you for sharing this!

  • Thanks for the uplifting message. I especially appreciate the reminder to keep positive messages about who we are and who we want to be so we don’t forget when life gets tough. I AM the daughter of the King and I am His. 💕

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