Bringing the heat.

DSC06318.jpgWalked into the new year like…

Cheers to reaching 2019 in one piece. First post of the year! WOW. Y’all know 2018 was a good year for me, I graduated, traveled, fell deeper in love with God (and my boo), leveled up in jobs, almost at my career goal, I exceeded my BLOG GOAL OF 1000+ blog followers/subscribers, and most importantly all my family is blessed also. I mean so much more blessings but you know can’t list them all. 2019, I expect nothing LESS than the BEST and of course I’m bringing the heat all year! My two words for this year is STRENGTH & COURAGE

Strength allows you to show yourself how far you can actually go. It involves less self-doubt and more of a drive to be your best self. Courage says, “yes I may be a bit nervous or even afraid, but that’s not going to stop me!” Courage gives you the encouragement you need to never stop believing in all that potential you attain inside of you. So be my guess and adopt these two words and make it apart of your day to day this year.

[Stay tuned for some heat at the end of the post!]

Just WIN.

The year just started, but I already have some advice to share. People will try to sabotage you because they cannot stand to see you win, but do yourself a favor and WIN ANYWAY. Don’t allow people to get the upper hand on you this year. I want you to remember that there are always many outcomes that can come out of one thing. In the end, you decide if it will be good or bad. Remember that this year! 

B i r t h d a y  S h o o t 

My style literally is so effortless. I say that in the least cocky way. I usually figure it out the day of or in my head…and it always works. Blessing? Yes. Feeling a bit sassy right now because the devil really tried my this year for my birthday, but thankfully God sustained me and kept me on 100. I wanted to do this post as a style post and photo diary of my bday shoot because I have so many photos, but you guys know I had to give some encouragement first! 

Photo Diary #extraall2019


disclaimer: #notaMODEL



[All Photo/Video Cred: @duranandrae]

Deets on the look: fur coat- boohoo, sequin jumpsuit & fur bag- forever 21, shoes- public desire, lip gloss- fenty, hair- ME

Thanks for stopping by! xoxo MJ.


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