Beware of the snakes.

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Happy Tuesday y’all. I’m getting caught up posting on Tuesdays now, instead of Sundays but I hope this change didn’t throw you guys off! Bare with me. By the title of today’s post, I know that you’re a bit curious to read more to find out what I’m referring to…so in that case let’s get into it!

Always be aware.

the fake ones. the pretenders. the sneaky ones. the “fibbers”. the smile in your face, but talk behind your back. the fake supporters. the lookers. the envious.

Too many times we feed into the traps of what seemed good for us, not knowing it was all a facade. More and more I begin to see clearly what my grandmother and mother been warning us about when it comes to people who act like they want to see you succeed, but deep down they have that burning envy and false hope for you to not make it. I cannot stress enough how much of an importance it is for you to recognize who’s in your corner and who is not when it comes to climbing that ladder of reaching your goals. I feel like I say this somehow in every post I write, but when something is for you, nothing or no one can disrupt that. You’ll always win. I read something this weekend that said: “You have to know the difference between support and surveillance”.  How true is that statement? I mean, if you’re a social media butterfly, you know that the likes and comments and love come in flowing like a river constantly. However, not all love is actual love. Some people are there literally watching your every move, and staying silent. To be honest, in a way you should feel good because you’re so important, you have them coming back 24/7 watching, envying and admiring you! Haha, BUT on a serious note Y’all,

beware of the snakes.

Don’t get caught up. I’m at a point in life where my prayer to God is for him to eliminate what doesn’t help me evolve. If you are not with me 100% I’d rather you leave. There is literally no time to waste on things that don’t push us to be our best. Yes things, not just people can hold us back. Things like procrastination, doubts, fears…things we are all too familiar with can constantly stand in the way of us becoming who we want to be.

Remember: “When the grass is cut, the snakes will show”.

Outfit details featuring these brands:

Top- Bodysuit from BooHoo, Skirt- Amazon Fashion, Bag- Michael Kors, Shoes- (Leopard Print) Steve Madden

26 thoughts on “Beware of the snakes.

  1. Hi dear

    I agree with all of what you wrote but one thing in particular springs to mind: the fact that we can’t always tell who’s with and who is against. In my case I even have a lack in social reading so I have had my share of experience with people I thought were good but turned out not to be. And I really don’t get why some would spend the time working against others if they don’t like them in the first place.
    You should think they would have better things to do!
    To you personally I just want to say thank you for the inspiration you constantly pour out, rooting for people to be at their best and not let anyone or anything bring them down.
    I feel like I have said this a 100 times before but also you look amazing and the places you find to take shoots are always a treat to the eyes. I hope you don’t get tired of hearing that because – well, I’ll probably say it plenty times more😊
    Keep up the awesomeness MJ💪👍

  2. Wow very true words! There are so many people out there not working out themselves before they sit judging and watching everyone else and are very critical of free choice.
    I adore your outfit the colour of the skirt is stunning, beautiful photos MJ!

  3. These words are so true. Like you said, there will always be people out there who seem like they support you but secretly want to see you fail. And the scary thing is is that you don’t see their true colours until something happens. It’s so hard to tel these days through social media too, as you don’t see those people face to face and you don’t get that emotional connection. On another note, I love the green of your skirt – it’s gorgeous!!

  4. THIS!! I was legit thinking this same thing the other day. My takeaway, ‘You have to know the difference between support and surveillance”! #BIGFACTS!

  5. THIS!! I was legit thinking this same thing the other day. My takeaway, ‘You have to know the difference between support and surveillance”! #BIGFACTS!

  6. I loved this! So much truth in your words and I want to steal what you said and make it a part of my theme this year. “When something is meant for me, nothing or one can disrupt that.” What a way to kick off a Valentine’s day!

  7. Preeeeach! I would always be confused when people who I know didn’t like me would stay on my social media or ask questions about what I’m doing. The older I got the more I realized that people will legit watch you and gather info on you not with support in their hearts, but with hate. I never understood that until later on and it still baffles me, but I choose not to pay it any mind and just keep doing me. Love this post and that snake print top, yes, sis!

  8. I really agree with this because recently this happened to me my friend was monitoring my Facebook page and than tagged me in stating I was talking about her when I wasnt and had my telephone number and says I’m jealous of her and I’m praying on her down fall but I wasnt I never downed her as a woman and we both got kids so we be busy so at the end of the day she blocked me from her Facebook and started to talk about me on there we were friends for along time but now she has a new friend and she acted really different toward me like i had the problem when all along she had the issue these words u posted really hit home

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