Self-Reflect + Redirect.

Happy New Month my loves! December has always been one of my favorite months for 3 reasons: my dad’s birthday month, the month before my birthday, and the month of reflection on all I’ve accomplished, lost, gained and so much more. What does December mean to you?

This post is a bit different. I want you to actually read these questions and think about them. You don’t have to answer in the comments, but I do want you to answer them for yourself, maybe in a journal or in your mind. You can save this template, pin it to Pinterest or share it on your social accounts so others can also complete it. I’ve always wanted to create something like this because I know it can be so helpful. Sometimes we may think we haven’t done anything, but when we take the time to reflect + jot things down, it leaves us feeling way better. Visuals are important. It’s more attention-grabbing, engaging, more flexible than verbal+mental talks, and it lets you see your message more directly. So with that being said my loves, check out my self-reflection template & answer sheet! Hope it’s helpful.

Self-Reflection Questionnaire Template + Answer Sheet


Self-Reflect + Redirect.

We all know how important self-reflection is right? The benefits are immense. We see what we’ve been lacking and we also get to see our growths. As human beings, the majority of the time we just focus on our lows vs our grows which is not healthy. That’s why I want you to redirect that bad energy elsewhere and throw it in the garbage. Redirect your mind to positive thoughts like what you want to accomplish in the upcoming year or what you can do to make a difference in someone else’s life. Yes, you have accomplishments (as well as losses), but how can you use that and/or even your platform to do better/impact the world. If you do not remember anything from this post, please remember this… When you die, what are you going to be remembered for doing? Is it something memorable? Influential? Impactful? Did you help anyone or were you too caught up in building your own life that you neglected to help build up someone else as well?

Thanks for stopping by! XO MJ.



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