Grow before you Glow.


Pro tip: Surround yourself with people who get you.

The year is almost over and I am going full throttle when it comes to being intentional. I’ve learned a lot about myself this year and I’m pretty sure you have too! My advice to you all is this: “Do not ever be afraid to let go or cut off the “split ends” aka the toxic, negative, bitter people you have lingering around in your life.” Listen, if they are not for you, they’re against you and you should not have to second guess that about a person. It may will can hurt you at first (a bit), but when as change comes along, growth does too.

Growing comes before the GLOW

It took me a while to understand this concept. I usually just want to glow first and grow later on, but that’s not how it works in this thing called life. The older we get, the more decisions we have to make for the betterment of ourselves. A few things this year has taught me are as follows:

  1. Don’t accept nonsense from anyone. It doesn’t matter who it is. Know your worth +add tax and MORE on top of that. That goes for friends, family, and BRANDS because some brands want you to work for free and Free.99 ain’t paying the bills boo.
  2. Learn and grow. Learn from past situations and don’t repeat them. Grow from those situations so you can help someone in the future.
  3. The subtle art of saying NO. The art of not giving a crap and saying no, are my two favorite types of art. Saying no has so many benefits for your mental health and for your sanity. Trust me, I’m a person who use to feel super guilty when saying no to people because I did not want them to feel bad, however, I was the one always feeling bad in the end. Stop burying yourself for other humans. Soon you won’t be able to breathe.
  4. GLOW on. What do I mean by glow on? Well, you’ve already learned from mistakes, grew from them, now you have to glow. Flourish in your blessings. Stop feeling sorry for the people who aren’t. Everyone has their own time to shine. There’s room for all of us. Glow because you worked hard for it. Glow because you deserve it. Glow because you took care of everyone else, now it’s time to take care of you now.

** Outfits Details: Slip Dress- ZARA, Snake Print Top- Boohoo, Snake Skin Bag-ZARA, Booties-Boohoo, Lippie-The Lip Bar

I hope you grow and glow this week. I sure am! Thanks for stopping by! XO MJ.

All Photos By Duran Andrae

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