Hello stars! Yes, you’re a star. Welcome back. So glad you decided to come visit my blog today. This post should be satisfying if you’re into taking care of your skin!

Question, how many of you care about your skincare routine? (All of you should be saying ME) Okay so you’re going to want to stay for this post.

If you didn’t know, I’m a Glossier Rep, which means I have my own page on their website + I have a 10% off discount link especially for you. As a rep I recommend products I’ve tried and the ones I love. (I would never recommend something I dislike) And if I’m being completely transparent, a SMALL portion of your portion goes towards my commission. It honestly benefits you more than me, however I really love this company and stand 100% by their products! That’s the truth. So, to the ones who support me and shop using my link, you a real one & I hope you LOVE your products!

Glossier came out with the skincare edit, which is basically a compilation of 6 mini sized products + 2 exclusive glossier wear products. It’s honestly genius because for people who haven’t yet experienced glossier products, they get so many minis to try out to see if they love them! These mini sized goodies are so cute and literally will fit in anywhere, especially to my traveling gals + guys!

What comes inside you might wonder?

  • Future Dew *fav
  • Milky Jelly Cleanser *fav
  • Super Bounce *new to me
  • 2 Balm Dot Coms *fav
  • Priming Moisturizer in RICH *fav
  • Headband *new
  • Glossier Scarf *new

I incorporated this video so you can see these products alongside the full sized ones. I hope you enjoy this video & I hope it helps!

Watch this!

Glossier Rep LINK + 10% off

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2 replies on “Glossier’s Skincare Edit + A Limited Edition Product.

  1. I love the packaging of these products. I haven’t come across this product before. I’ll be giving some of these a try in the near future.xxxx


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