don’t wither away.

Never allow yourself to be tormented by your past,

Get over it, get through it, and get past it.

Don’t drown yourself in an ocean filled with regrets,

Set yourself free and be done with it.

Things happen for a reason, there’s a purpose for everything.

Do not wither away like a grape on a vine,

Let your juices flow. Take care of yourself.

See a flower withers away and loses its beauty,

Do not lose your beauty. Let it shine through, always.

When you lose touch of who you are, you begin to dig a grave for yourself.

Stay in tune with your life, Keep your head up.


Find a way to keep blooming.

Find a way to stop withering away.

Find love that will keep you going.

Find what makes you keep being you.


So many times we tend to give up, change that mindset!

Change the way you look at life,

Get up and go try again because trust me you ain’t seen nothing yet!

Focus on being better, getting better, doing better

No distractions just remember

God always has your back when others fail you

So don’t dwindle away because he got you.

Withering away is not an option,

Live your life, make an impact, and take some action!


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