You messed up, you failed, you’re not proud of it, but your journey is not over.
They mistreated you, made fun of the person you used to be without seeing the person you would become…but your journey isn’t over.
You are enough.
Don’t let what people say deter you from fulfilling your dreams,
Don’t let them get the benefit of the doubt,
No weapons formed, shall prosper “NO”!
Who said you needed someone else’s approval or permission?
Nobody has a manual for having a ‘perfect life’
View everything as an opportunity, don’t let it pass you by.
Take a chance, take risks, make your own rules for a change.
Others may try to make you feel lesser than who you are,
Don’t give them the satisfaction.
Anyone who puts someone else down feels worthless themselves!
Speak up sometimes,
Fight back with kind words.
You will always be enough,
Once you know that, no one can ever tell you you’re not.
Don’t ever change that for anyone.
If a person can’t see how incredible you are,
Let them go.
Sometimes you have to wake yourself up, remind yourself in the mirror of how great of a person you are.
Some days you may be down, don’t beat yourself up.
Never let go.
Never forget.
You are more than ENOUGH.

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40 replies on “you are enough.

  1. This is very inspiring an uplifting, it really opens your eyes to see the real you flaws an all. Thank you MJ. May God continue to fill you with inspiration.

    Liked by 1 person

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