your season is coming soon.

Happy Monday loves!

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Today I wanted to discuss ways in which we can move forward with the realization that our season, our time, our success is coming once we have patience and continue to trust in God. If you’re like me, you probably have a rollercoaster of emotions when it comes to situations you find yourself in and how you should go about handling it. I have discovered ways of self-talk that have encouraged me on my down days and brightened me up so that I could smile again. Sidebar | In this post I’m talking to MYSELF too, so don’t feel anyway.

I don’t want to sound repetitive at all, but in my last few posts I discussed focusing on yourself and who you want to be and I encouraged you that failure is indeed an option in life, regardless of failed accomplishments. Today I am telling you that there is a time for everyone to shine. I strongly believe that there is truth to this statement. As human beings, we get impatient and restless when something that was supposed to happen DOES NOT HAPPEN. Especially when people around us are “prospering” and we seem to be giving off that “being stagnant” look, it can be frustrating!

We begin to question ourselves.
We begin to question what we are doing with our lives.
We begin to question God.
We begin to feel like maybe we did not do our best or maybe we are just not good enough.

This thought right here is always me, well the me before I snap back into the reality that “what’s for me will be for me”. As simple as that is to say, it is never my first thought and I think that is the issue. As a believer that God is the only person who knows what’s completely best for my life and he is the one who is in control, I have a calmness that comes over me when I’m in a flunk.

I have realized that the opinions of people are not valid. Yeah, it’s cool to hear out what someone (whether family or friend) thinks you should be doing or what you can do to be “successful” on their terms…but it is better to listen to God. The only way we can hear what God has to say is through reading His word (as previously stated).


Wait…you guys do know that right? (I hope so!) God can open closed doors, he can make a way out of no way, and he can heal your brokenness. Did that resonate with you yet? Well, with that being said hold on to your faith and keep being diligent and obedient to his word. The rewards are greater vs trying to do your own thing. Trust me.

Some of you might be thinking… How can I move forward with positiveness? Here’s how:

  • Remind yourself that things take time and with hard work comes great rewards.
  • Each morning have self-affirmations to keep your mind intact.
  • Give yourself positive talk and encouragement regularly.
  •  Get more meaningful and fulfilling relationships that can contribute/or encourage you to be more motivated and successful.

It is not easy waiting for your time to come. I see a lot of people give up sometimes and blame God for them not being where they want to be. It is not God’s fault. I can’t say it’s their faults either. Who is to blame? Should someone be blamed? That question I am unsure of how to answer, but what I can say is that you are not given more than you can bare. Your part is to keep going regardless of how dark your tunnel may seem, regardless of how much times you’ve taken a hit or fall, regardless of what other people may have said or continue to say about you. Your purpose is to be the best YOU that you can be, and that requires your time and energy.

Everyone has a season. It may not be on your time, but it will always be on God’s time which is ultimately the best in the end. So I encourage you to worry less and praise moreDoubtlessss and live more with the knowledge I gave you today. 

More prosperity + success is coming your way. You can quote me on that!

Thanks for reading, xoxo MJ.


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