Keeping It Fab In A Suit.


[suit-ASOS, bralette-True & Co., bag-Marc Jacobs, shoes-Simmi Shoes, red lip-Anatasia Beverly Hills] The hair is a bonus, bomb braid out!

Hello, my loves. So I wrote this blog post 4 days before my wedding and forgot to publish it. I must have been busy multitasking with wedding stuff. However, I’m going to post it as is, not going to change anything, so here it is!

Quick wedding update, because that’s what my life is about currently *rolls eyes*. It’s literally 4 days away (lesser than that if I’m being honest)! *Yikes*. I eat, sleep & breathe all things wedding these days. As the time boils down to the final days…I feel more and more anxiety! It’s like I want this planning process to end so badly, but I feel I’d miss it a bit afterward. Honestly, I hope I don’t! Haha. Check out my latest post if you haven’t on 10 things people don’t know about weddings!

I decided to share a quick style post to ease my mind.

How to style a two-piece suit.

On to the good stuff! It so happened that I wore this dope two-piece yellow suit to a wedding about a month ago (August). I know I can’t get away from wedding talk. It was a hit! I mean everyone was asking me where I got it & giving out compliments like it was my birthday! So, yes I’ll spill the deets because I love you all. I got this set from ASOS. What’s crazy is that it went out of stock like 10x and my size came back in stock days before the wedding. Shoutout to Asos premier 2-day delivery (sometimes because USPS be playing)! So how I decided to style my two-piece suit was to pair it with a bag and bralette. My bag is from Marc Jacobs (it can be a makeup bag also) & my bralette was gifted from True & Co a while back. I then took my ‘cinderella transparent glitter’ Simmi London heels I wore earlier this year on my birthday and a classic red lip from Anastasia Beverly Hills! It worked out so perfectly even I was shaken! My best outfits are the ones I don’t overthink and then find last minute. That’s honestly how the majority of my outfits go. When I try to plan plan plan, it never feels right. 

Quick style tip: Reuse pieces from your closet with new finds! It’s definitely what I tend to do a lot and it works. Don’t let the “omg you wore that and posted before” naysayers fool you. It’s YOURS and you can wear it 10x and post every single time if you wanted. Do you, be you, dress to please you! Period. I get a lot of questions about my outfits and all I can really say is that you just got to go with how you feel, what fits your body type and work it with confidence. That’s it. No long explanation.

Thanks for stopping by! My wedding is 4 days away. Stay tuned! xoxo MJ.


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