3 Things You Should Have In Your Closet.


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Hey guys! As we wrap up 2019 and prepare to bask in all 2020’s blessings, remember that the end of year sale is right around the corner! Hahaha. I know..you weren’t expecting that, but it’s true. Make sure you buy some pieces that will take in you into 2020 looking and feeling your best. Who said shopping had to be full-priced all the time?

Today’s post is for my fashionistas. You look shopping, but you get overwhelmed because you’re not always sure what to buy and how to put outfits together. I HEAR YOU. I SEE YOU. I AM HERE TO HELP!

3 Things You Should Have In Your Closet
  1. Oversized Blazer
  2. Belt Bag
  3. Dad Sneakers or Booties

These items are necessary (and extra perks if you’re married, I’ll elaborate soon) and will always allow you to switch up your looks. Whether you’re a blogger, stylist, or fashionista who likes to dress up!

Oversized Blazer- It can take your look from zero to SHERO! Pair itwith a tank, tee, or your favorite crew neck sweater and you'll beset. For me, I like to try new outfit looks and experiment, so Ipaired my oversized blazer with a tulle skirt, then with a tee, jeans & booties! For my wives (or girlfriends), we get extra cool pointsbecause we can steal our husband's suit jackets/blazers and use that!Perfect oversized-trendy look we love! That's my secret.


Belt Bag– I used to hate belt bags until I tried it. Truth be told, they’re actually super convenient and it levels up your look! I have probably 3 or 4 belt bags now (and counting)! As I paired it here in this outfit, you can too! I believe if you go in my other style postsyou might see some belt bags that I have!

Dad Sneakers or Booties- Ladies, a must-have in your closet! I know some people are not feeling the "dad sneakers" look and some are, that's totally fine. We all have different taste for a reason! For me, my "dad sneakers" are my FILA sneakers that I bought from Urban Outfitters. I have two pairs and when I say they are comfy, they are comfy AF! Get you a pair! As for booties, you should have at least two pairs in your closet. That's mandatory sis. Pair your booties with a dress, jeans, skirt or even sweats (my next experimental look)!  
Here's a look at how to style dad sneakers!

I hope this was helpful! Details on this look below:

Booties- Public Desire

Belt Bag & T-Shirt- ZARA

Blazer- Husbae's Closet

Tulle Skirt- ASOS

Dad Sneakers- Urban Outfitters
Enjoy this flipbook inspired by my blogger friend @JelissaBrooks!

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