10 Reasons To Step Out Your Comfort Zone + Youtube Channel Launch.

This year I’m stepping out of comfort zones and going for IT. Period.


Your comfort zone is a leech, sucking you dry and leaving you for dead.


It can get tricky to know when you should step out of your comfort zone, but that is all the reason why you should do it NOW.

Keeping It Real, it is not easy to step out of our comfort zones. The phrase itself has “comfort” in it and that is something we human beings adore! We love to have it our way,  the way we want it, when we want it without having to give too much energy. Sounds a bit lazy right? Reread that. I bet you will agree.

Let’s dig a bit deeper though, in terms of our life dreams, goals and aspirations we are sometimes forced to make the changes and put in the work in order to get where we need to be (unless you’re privileged and don’t have to work for anything). That requires us to do things outside of the box so we can 1.) Stand out and 2.) Prove that we are worth it, knowledgeable, hardworking and deserving of(you fill in that blank).

In my opinion, stepping out of your comfort zone can be a hit or miss, either one you have to give it up for yourself because you went for it! You tried. You put yourself out there. You did something that was uncomfortable. You conquered a fear. You decided to consciously make the decision to not settle and that is enough reason for you to clap it up for yourself.

10 Reasons To Step Out Your Comfort Zone This Year

  1. No one is really going to point at you and laugh if you fail.
  2. People are rooting for you.
  3. You will feel so much more relief and content knowing you went for it and it wasn’t that bad vs not doing anything at all.
  4. People are scared to do what you are doing & they admire you even if they do not say it.
  5. Just like forgiving someone is healing for yourself, so is stepping out of your comfort zone. It’s an anxiety breaker!
  6. You will become stronger each time and 10x more ready for whatever may come in your way.
  7. You will grow to understand that failure is PART OF THE PROCESS TO GREATNESS.
  8. Stepping out of the box will only benefit you and your creativity.
  9. You get more exposure to things and people would be able to see what you’ve been holding in.
  10. The chains of stagnancy are broken.


My youtube channel is about going to cover the majority of the same things my blog covers, with a different spin on it! I want to expand and reach a new audience with my channel while doing things I enjoy doing. I love creating content for lifestyle, fashion, beauty- glossier, and I’ll be adding bits and pieces of my life! I’ll really appreciate it if you guys can go subscribe to my channel & watch my video! SUBSCRIBE HERE!  You won’t regret it. I promise.

Thanks for stopping by! XO MJ.


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