truth about being alone.

Who said being alone was a bad thing?

Getting to know and understand yourself, figuring your purpose and finding out who you are can never be a bad thing. Women in particular are more shunned for not being in serious relationships by their peers, family members, even public figures, but is this really something that should continually be done? It actually seem to me that women suffer a whole lot more emotionally by the constant questioning about not being in a relationship. That ends now.

Everyone has a story. Everyone is different and move differently. There is nothing wrong with a person who wants to be alone for a bit. Taking time to get to understand things that you like and dislike is both normal and smart. Rushing into something just so that others can congratulate you or because you like the appearance it gives off is foolish because the only person being played is you. “You’re playing yourself,” (in case you did not realize).

It’s time to redefine being alone. Actually we are never completely alone. There are always people that we hold close to our hearts that care for us and vice versa. 

Being alone is independent, strong, and honestly it’s a boss move. What you are letting people know is that you do not need anyone to lean on wholly because you are sufficient enough to provide for yourself. Not shunning being in a relationship at all, but this goes out to the people that are single and are often being told about it. Let them live. They are just fine. Some of the strongest people I know are single and getting it (past & present)! So next time you try to judge a person who is alone or single, remember that being alone does not equate to a weak person.

Being alone is a form of strength, backbone, power, stability, substance, toughness, vigor and much more! #RedefineAlone

Don’t let anyone tell you different!

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  1. Enjoyed this read. I wrote about a similar thing. Glad to see someone else letting people know that it’s okay to be alone, embrace it and enjoy it. Thanks for the post.

  2. I’ve always told people this…you have to find yourself before you can even BEGIN to let others be apart of your life and enjoy you. Unfortunately many don’t realize that, and think they NEED another human to justify their existence/happiness.

    Monica |

  3. This really inspired me! Being a teenager there is a certain pressure about not being in a relationship and I really enjoyed the message

  4. I totally 100% agree with this! I know a few people who have this view of “people in relationships are happier than those who are single” and they always wonder how I’m happy without being in a “proper relationship”. Being single is very empowering and liberating and I think some people don’t understand that. This was a very nice read and you’ve inspired me to do a post about this subject. Thanks! 🙂


  5. I agree with everything you wrote – more people should realise that being alone doesn’t equal being lonely or sad in any form or shape. Being single should be seen as perfectly acceptable regardless of age, gender or any other “category”.

  6. This is so refreshing to hear! People are always asking me the question, and to be perfectly honest I’m happy as I am and get to do how I please 🙂 just wish people would stop judging, everyone works at their own pace. One day I will find my prince, but for now I’m happy just being me!

  7. I really needed this! I used to live in fear of being alone, to the point where I’d get into relationships that I knew where bad just so I wasn’t on my own. But now, I am really content with myself and my own company and I think it’s so important to be. I know one day I’ll meet the right person for me, but for now I really am happy just by myself xx

  8. I completely agree! There is absolutely nothing wrong with being single! I mean, I’m not currently single but when I was I found it was the perfect opportunity to discover what kind of person I was and to just be me. It’s true that women are always scrutinised about why they’re single and are always in a rush to be in a relationship but there’s nothing wrong with being single at all, infact a lot of the time, being single is probably better 😉 I love your blog by the way! xx

  9. What a thought provoking post. Completely agree with you thought. Being alone is such a healthy part of life, it’s better to be alone than in a place that is cruel, damaging and hurtful. It definitely doesn’t mean your a sad lonely lady sat at home wishing for a relationship. I’m happily in a relationship of 8 years but I definitely don’t let it define me! Great words #teacupclub

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