oversized jacket + self-love​.

Hello loves,

Every time I take pictures I make sure to have at least one laughing shot. The reason behind it is because no matter how much I may feel down or whatever situation I may be going through, I know I could look back at my photos and smile. If you ask my family and friends, you’ll know that I’m that girl who would always want to take pictures, when everyone is like no let’s just “live in the moment”. I like to live in the moment too, but I like to have pictures to look back on and bask in those memories. When I was younger I never really had that much pictures, so I made it my duty to always take pictures so I can have them with me.

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IMG_6988Enough about my picture history, I just wanted to share a meaningful quote to encourage you that no matter what it is you’re going through someone else has it way worse. Learn to appreciate what you have and always have a love for others and yourself. As I always say, “self-love is the best love” don’t ever forget it. Life is filled with unexpected situations. Things may not always go as planned, but we can make the best of what life has to offer now.

Live your best life.
Dance in the rain.
Take chances.
And do more of what you love this year…in STYLE!

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Outfit details: Dress Boohoo, Booties Zara, Bag Zara, Jacket H&M

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Thanks for reading, xoxo MJ.

what blogging taught me.

It’s been a great journey as a blogger and I am filled with joy every time I sit in my room and write my blog posts for you guys. This platform has given me the freedom to express my feelings and also to help motivate/inspire so many people and that in itself is a blessing. I have received so many questions from friends and associates on how they can go about starting their own blog (how amazing is it that they chose to ask me for advice?). I am humbled by this experience. Sharing who you are with the internet is one of the scariest things, but it is something that can change you for the better. Although some things remain personal, people like to know that you are relatable so in that sense it is good.

“You will need curiosity, kindness, stamina and a willingness to look stupid.”


                                           YOU NEVER KNOW WHERE IT MAY LEAD YOU

I can recall my first few months when I started blogging and I had no clue what the future would be like for my website. Honestly, the thing I have understood the most is that the more content you produce, the more people are watching—people as in influencers, sponsors etc. Who would’ve thought that I would ever be chosen to be a rep or influencer for products? It’s an amazing feeling to know that people love what you do, just as much as you do!
[ You can check out my reviews category to see who I’ve worked with and my rep page here]

                                                  SELF-PROMOS ARE NORMAL

Let me keep it real with you guys, I have a shy side! Yes, I do. When that side of me comes out to play I try my hardest to act like I am fully ready for anything, but inside I’m not haha. I’ve learned that self-promos are a great way to get yourself out there. It is prevalent that you might feel like you are being a bother to people, but TRUTH BE TOLD if they support you they won’t mind your promos AND if they mind they can simply UNFOLLOW YOU. Make that known. Never let anyone deter you from being you.

                                             REAL WINS EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK

You have to be real with your followers. Being yourself is the best thing you can ever be. DO NOT EVER THROW ANY OF YOURSELF AWAY. No one likes bloggers who create the SAME content every other blogger creates. There was a time where I felt like I had to have certain pictures taken a certain way or write posts to please followers, but this is not always the case. In terms of having “relevant content”, yeah you have to be in the norm, but changing your whole blog to suit other bloggers? It’s a BIG FAT NO for me y’all. Realness and being genuine will always win.

                                               KEEP THE CONTENT FLOWING

I cannot tell you guys how much I have been slacking on my posts. It’s bad because I had posts coming in so much more frequently, but that will be changed! It is a MUST to have lots of content flowing on a daily basis. You have to keep your followers’ attention, I have learned this the hard way. You must be on top of the number of posts you do on social media and on your blog and develop a schedule. Have a couple journals or planners ready to jot down thoughts, doodles, and new ideas.

                                EVEN THOUGH THEY DO NOT FOLLOW, THEY SEE YOU

This was one of my greatest lessons. I use to be so caught up in the number of followers that I have and the excessive overthinking that no one will read, but little did I know they were. Even though people don’t hit that FOLLOW button, they see your work. I remember seeing a quote that said “YOU INSPIRE PEOPLE WHO PRETEND TO NOT EVEN SEE YOU”, which is so true! They are taking notes and taking your advice trust me. I have seen this done so many times with my blog pieces. This makes me keep pushing.


“We must build dikes of courage to hold back the flood of fear.” – MLK, Jr.

When you think of the word confident, what comes to mind? For me, I think of the words bravery, courage, fierce, and being positive. Growing up we are encouraged to be confident in everything that we do. We are made to believe if we are not confident our self-esteem will be lower than the ground beneath our feet. Well reality check, this is the truth! If you have been taught this, you have been taught right. 

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What if I am not confident?
Listen, to be confident you first have to believe in yourself. I remember when a time in my life where I lacked confidence simply because I was fearful of something or simply because I did not believe I could. BELIEVING in yourself is so important. I can attest now in this moment that when I believe in myself, that pushes me then to motivate myself and lastly to have confidence in who I am as a person ultimately. I see so many people with that lack of drive, that lack of being confident in themselves that it made me share this post.

God says, nothing is too hard for HIM. If nothing is too hard for God, it’s not hard for us. If you are aspiring to be like him then your belief system should also reflect that. That includes believing in yourself.

How can I be more confident?
1. Believe in yourself.
2. Work hard at what you do and work harder to be better.
3. Cancel fear out.
4. Talk to yourself. Motivate yourself on those tough days where you feel like giving up or those days where you feel you can’t do it.

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Tip: Make some self-affirmations that will get you through the day/week/month/year feeling more confident in yourself.

  • I will think more positively.
  • I will learn from my mistake, understand it’s OKAY to make mistakes and do better next time.
  • I will kill out the negative thoughts, move away from negative people, and surround myself with people who have growth mindsets.
  • I will practice in the mirror, study all night and ace that test/job/speech etc.
  • I will face my fears once and for all. 
  • I will focus onward and not backward.

I’m confident that this year and next year I will be successful + prosperous. Sometimes you have to claim your blessings in advance. – Marikah.

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glow with glossier.

Hey loves, Today’s post is all about G L O S S I E R !

Skincare + makeup = glossier !
I’ve been crushing on glossier for a while now and I’m super stoked to share with you some of my favorites as of right now! There are so many skincare/makeup companies out there, but being quite honest glossier is in my top 5 favorites. I’m an authentic person so if I don’t like something I would say it or I won’t even bother to promote it. At the end of my post is a surprise for you…stay tuned! 

SO…with that being said let’s get this party started, shall we? Right now I’m loving 5 products from glossier.

To be honest, I am no makeup artist plus I have 1,000+ things to still learn about getting the perfect “beat” face and I have fairly clear/smooth skin (until I eat loads of chocolate that is) so these products work for me.IMG_38991. Let’s start with the Milk Jelly Cleanser.
If you looking for a daily face wash that’ll have your face feeling smooth like a baby’s bottom, this is for you baby! One of my morning go-to’s.

2. Next on the list is the HALOSCOPE in Topaz. FullSizeRender-1
IMG_3898I’m still on the search for that perfect highlighter, but this one gives me that natural glow I’m looking for. I’m still learning how to use it right after I put on foundation, BUT I figure it works better without any.

3. Then, there’s the Boy Brow. HONEY, LET ME PUT YOU ON…
This one right here got my brows in tact. I cannot fill in my brows to save my life, but this is an easy alternative. It’ like putting on mascara on your eyebrows…literally.IMG_39004. Lastly, we have the foundation for the on-the-go girls (& guys), Perfecting Skin Tint.
This is not a heavy, cover every single blemish, make you look caked up type of foundation. It’s a tint, a little something-something to keep your face intact. I use this daily because I’m always late for work trying to put on my foundation. This skin tint gives me a little coverage and makes my face look super NATURAL. Isn’t that the main goal?

Oh, how can I forgot my Cloud Paint? #5IMG_3906 This one I like it because I could just apply a little to my cheeks and I get that little bit of blush on the go! You don’t even need a lot. I love it also because it’s good to take with you in your little travel pouches (and I have a bunch!).

Did I mention it GLOSSIER launched in the UK?!

I know many of my blog followers are from the UK, so this is awesome that you guys can now have it available. If you decide to try any of these products I shared, be sure to use my link for 10% + free shipping on ALL purchases $30 & over on your first order! SURPRISE! CLICK HERE

4 things to remember about life.​

Here are “4 things to remember about life” in a short, get right to it post:

1. It is a learning process.

Point me in the direction of a person who got it right from the beginning. I’ll wait. Nobody knows how to do everything right the first, second or third time, but they kept pushing. You cannot be so down on yourself when things do not go the way you played it too. I learned this DAILY.

2. It requires A Plan.

Honestly, I’m winging it in this life, BUT I’m learning that part of the “learning process” requires some thought + planning. You need a plan of where you want to be and what steps you are going to take to get there. Trust me, I know it is hard to sit down and plan things, procrastination always comes knocking but push through. Great “planners” often are the ones with the most successes.

3. You need to show love now.

Life is short. Our loved ones will not be here forever. As hard that is to comprehend, it is the sad reality. Life is not promised. You could see someone a day/week/hour/month ago, then the next thing you know you receive a call saying they’re gone. The biggest mistake you can ever make in your life is taking your family/friends/loved ones for granted. Show love now and cherish the memories later.

4. You control the steering wheel.

As a new driver, I found it fitting to add this one in. When driving, both hands have to be on the steering wheel (for me because I’m a new driver) and you have to focus keenly on the road. Need I to go on? You are in control of you. Period. Circumstances will arrive, but how will you handle it? Keep your hands on the steering wheel, stay focus and drive to your successful destination.

Remember: Learn, plan, love and control. Four things that you must do in this lifetime.

“Why am I not speaking directly to the hopes and fears of this very moment?”



girl gang.

So cliché to even have bought this t-shirt, but honestly it means so much more.
There’s so much girls out there that are not believing in themselves, not loving what they see when they look in the mirror, girls who are just being put down by all the guys who cannot see their worth.
This t-shirt represents those girls.
I bought it because girls matter. ALL GIRLS.

Every girl in every shade in the rainbow.
It’s so sad to see that women are still being degraded and mistreated and devalued and underestimated!
I say that every girl is beautiful and should know it. Always.
re-affirm yourselves by saying:
“I am beautiful.
I am strong.
I am intelligent.
I am worth it.
I am perfect.
I am fearless.
I am smart.
I am wise.
I am important.
I am powerful.
I am amazing.
I am enough.”
Do not ever let anyone ever tell you different.

the look:Jacy-Dumbo-October 01, 201728skirt: ASOS | shoes: ZARA | Bag: ZARA | T-shirt: BOOHOOJacy-Dumbo-October 01, 201735Jacy-Dumbo-October 01, 201723.jpgIMG_3122Jacy-Dumbo-October 01, 201717.jpgJacy-Dumbo-October 01, 201732Jacy-Dumbo-October 01, 201731Jacy-Dumbo-October 01, 20179
Jacy-Dumbo-October 01, 201710
Go be badass.
Photographer: Alberto Lima.


burt’s bees is the ‘beesness’!

Y’all saw what I did there right…”Burt’s Bees is the ‘beesness’ as in “business” lol. Corny I know, but it truly is like one of my favorite personal care product lines. It has skincare products, beauty products, and everything else a girl DOES NOT need in her purse. Most importantly it is all NATURAL, no synthetic.
This post I’ll give you guys a peek at my favorites that were personally sent to me by my friend Carlos over at Burt’s Bees!

The Perfect Lip BalmProcessed with VSCO with 4 preset

Great for everyday use. Just throw em’ in your baggies and go!

The Gloss


Honestly, I never knew lip glosses came in this form. I love them.

The Lipsticks that smell delicious


N A T U R A L made lipsticks?! Yes, for 400 points! P.S the darkest shade is my favorite : )

The Skincare or ANTI-AGE Remedy

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Gave these to my momma because she wanted something for under her eyes. News came back that she loves it! Great combo and a great gift for her! (save $$$)

The Dynamic TRIO aka the Go To‘s



Tinted Lip Balm + Facial Cleansing Towelettes + Cleansing Oil w/coconut & argan oil

Honestly speaking I prefer Neutrogena’s wipes to remove my makeup, BUT these do not have to be for taking off makeup. Actually it isn’t (I’ve just been using it for that purpose), however as a “cleansing towelette” it’s very soft, smells great and feels nice on my face!

** I hope you enjoyed and decide to get some Burt’s Bees products. You won’t regret it!

Shoutout to my friend CARLOS from Burt’s Bees for this haul of products. 

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The picture does not show everything that was sent.

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own. I was not paid for this post. Burts Bees sent me products to review! #Sponsored

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what is your WHY?

Thanks to Will Smith in Collateral Beauty, I was inspired to write this post.
What is your why, to live or die?
What is your reason for waking up each morning and living?
What is your passion? your purpose?
What is your reason for smiling? for crying?
What is your reason for just being?
What is your reason for it all?

I find myself asking this question a lot, especially in times when I feel my lowest. Sometimes when we realize that things are not going our way we tend to forget that we were made with a PURPOSE.
Keeping it 100% real, sometimes trying to remember that you even have a purpose is rough and that very fact that you have not gotten there makes it worst.
It is because you were made with a purpose, with so much strength and power WHY your why is so important. It’s so prevalent that you understand that your why not only will keep you going, but it will be the very reason you’ll keep on pushing.
Life is not easy, it’s filled with so much pain, trials and tests, evil people who hate your very existence, misunderstandings, and so much more terrible things that can make us uneasy and unhappy…
This is WHY we have to keep our eyes open and our ears keen to hearing what God has to say to us.
So what is your why? I ask again, hoping that you’ve thought about it by this point. Knowing or even understanding what your why is in this world only comes when you are in tuned with who you are with the help of God by your side.
Everyone has a why.
Everyone has a reason.
Everyone has a purpose.
Everyone has someone they love that keeps them going, someone who encourages them to be greater to do better. Cherish that why. Hold it tight and do not let go.

Quick note:
Always remember that WHY can be your greatest downfall or your greatest win.
Welcome it with love, patience, and openness.
Have an open ear so you can always hear God’s thoughts and all the opportunities that comes with it.
You are made for this.

worth fighting for.

Many times in life we feel like this is it,
we feel like giving up.
Do not.
You are worth fighting for.
Do you not know that there is at least one person,
who will never give up on you?
Today I want you to remember this…

You are worth fighting for.
You are more important that you give yourself credit for.
You have so much potential and no matter what anyone says,
just remember that their words do not define you.
You were made with a purpose,
although you may forget it.
Be bold enough to stand tall in the midst of disasters that
occur throughout your life.
Press on, because there is so much more worth fighting for.

Love yourself.
See your growth.
Feel the pain.
Overcome the trials.
Speak life into existence.
Know your worth.
Twirl in it.
Dance in it.
It’s yours, so act like it.

Have a beautiful day, week, month & year!

the denim jacket.

It’s sprinter and I’m still trying to keep up with this change in weather everyday. One day it’s hot, the next it’s cold, then rainy days turn into snow days! Can we catch a break? Well here in NYC there was a day where the weather was lovely and this was the outfit I chose to wear.

The denim jacket have been in effect for years now. Going back to the days of Elvis down to modern day fashion icons like rihanna and pharrell, they all rock their denim jackets like no other! This jacket gives me a 90s feel every time I wear it and I’m always asked where I got it from, well the jig is up…I’ll tell you guys! First, I must tell you it keeps me warm because it is lined with fur both inside and on it’s collar. The dress is from Zara’s basic collection and it’s super comfy, super casual and I’m a sucker for peplum hems! As for the sneakers, they’re super comfy as well and for the price they aren’t too bad. It is actually cuter in person. I was a little hesitant about “justfab.com” because of the price and quality, but I would definitely recommend these sneakers! I’m a sucker also for finding things at reasonable prices too.

If you want comfort, get basic dresses + on the go sneakers that are super stylish.DSC_6816DSC_6794DSC_6788.jpgDSC_6823DSC_6807DSC_6650FullSizeRender.jpgDSC_6678
Duran M.

Denim Jacket: Zara

Peplum Hem Dress: Zara
Bow Sneakers: JustFab.com

stop playing it safe.

It’s a NEW DAY,  start it with a smile!
Now is the time to stop playing it safe, go out there and try something different!
No time for being afraid or worrying,
Get up, go out there and be what you want to be.
Experience what you always wanted to experience
Face your fears and don’t look back.
So many times we as human beings have fallen short of going after our dreams because of the fear of failure!
It is time to change our way of thinking.
It is time to stop being fearful and go out there and WIN.
People may talk, but who cares?
Failure is a scary thing and,
It hits you hard with no warning.
No heads up.
Do not let that scare you.
Do not let that deter you.
Do not let that hold you back from trying.
Not trying is an automatic failure.
Giving something a shot is better than not trying at all.

Tell yourself this today, this week, this month, this YEAR:

Photo by Emron A. Mervin

Say it out loud if you have to,
I can do this.

I can be better than THEY said I would.
I can be great(ER).
I MAY fail, but I WILL keep trying!
I am not a loser, but a winner.
I am not afraid of FEAR, fear should be afraid of me!
I will succeed.🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸

Take action. Here’s how:
Encourage yourself. Motivate yourself.
Take the necessary steps to make yourself better. This includes:
Making a plan, setting goals, and challenging yourself.

Today is the day to make a change.
Tell fear + failure to meet new opportunity and success… your new BEST FRIENDS!